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About Us

The GA History

German Fernandez came to the US from Mexico with his parents when he was a small child. He learned hard work and tree care from working with his father. His love of nature and all plants was all his own.

In 2020 Kevin and Shelley Landon bought a house, covered in weeds, overgrown bushes, and trees.German transformed the disaster into a beautifully manicured landscape. Kevin and Shelley became friends with German and his wife Alma.

German was working in the tree trimming field for another company. He told the Landons about his hope to one day be in the business for himself. It was obvious to the Landons that he had the knowledge and drive to do just that.

The Landons owned businesses in Idaho. They had the connections to acquire equipment, experience forming companies, and the financial means to make it happen.

GA Tree and Yard Service was formed in 2021 as an Idaho LLC doing business in Washington.

German and his crew do all trimming, pruning, and removal, of trees and shrubs. Weed cleanup, and haul away. Weekly mowing and trimming. Anything and everything related to yard care.

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